The Gut Health Frontier

Brightseed has a new perspective on today’s health-conscious consumer.

Coming out of the COVID-19 health crisis, we have uncovered a significant shift in behavior, ranging from more proactive approaches to managing health and increased awareness of specific ingredients. Behind immunity, gut health is now top-of-mind for consumers.

There’s an emerging opportunity for brands and products that champion gut health. Two in three consumers now consider gut health to be extremely important, but 44% of them don’t know how to start prioritizing it.

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Gut Health Frontier Infographic


Hemp Fiber with Bioactives to Support Gut Strength*

Brightseed® Bio Gut Fiber
Introducing Brightseed Bio Gut Fiber, the only hemp fiber for functional food and beverages with two unique bioactives to support gut strength. Emerging research demonstrates that NCT & NFT show promise to support gut strength and gut lining to maintain healthy gut barrier function. Bio Gut FIber helps elevate functional foods and beverages delivering consumers an efficient and unique source of fiber and support for gut strength benefits, powered by bioactives.
*Pre-clinical data demonstrates supporting strength of the gut lining (gut integrity) to help maintain gut barrier function and gut health.