Fiber, the original gut health ingredient

The new era of gut health is here. Consumers are proactively taking control of their wellness, and fiber is taking center stage.

Join us as we explore the growing and evolving attitudes about gut health. Our first bioactive ingredient, Brightseed® Bio Gut Fiber, is a novel dietary fiber derived from hemp hulls, and the only one containing the bioactives NCT & NFT. From baked goods to bars to functional beverages, discover how this versatile fiber is paving the way for the next frontier of gut health formulation while helping to close the fiber gap for consumers.


Fiber Gap White Paper


Bioactives are the next frontier for
human health

Bioactives are naturally occurring compounds in plants, microbes, and fungi that have health-promoting effects on our bodies, and are fundamental to our wellbeing.
At Brightseed we’re utilizing our proprietary AI-powered platform, Forager, to develop science-backed natural health solutions through bioactive ingredients and innovation partnerships.